Correct Finger to Wear a Promise Ring

When it comes to picking out a finger to wear your promise ring on, it’s completely up to you and what it stands for. The best idea for picking a hand and finger to wear your ring on is one that will avoid confusion. The main idea to keep in mind is that promise rings can be commonly confused with engagement rings. If this is a promise to possibly one day become an engagement ring, then you can put it on left hand ring finger, otherwise choose the right hand ring finger.


If the promise ring is a friendship ring or promise to keep away from some sort of substance abuse, you especially want to keep away from the left hand ring finger, considering it is the finger an engagement ring would be worn on. Friendship rings can be worn on anything finger, including the thumb, except that left ring finger.

Promise for Marriage or Abstinence

As for a pre-engagement ring, fidelity/monogamy, and purity rings, those are typically worn on the left ring finger. Once you are married or officially engaged, they are typically replaced with your wedding rings.

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